Portability of Pocket Projectors


When thinking about projectors most people would immediately be reminded of the huge and noisy machines we all know well from school, university or the office. They were nothing to be excited about since they used to be fixed to a wall or mounted on the ceiling. The new projectors are small and lightweight. Using new LED technology as their light source is what makes them petite. They fit in most compact pockets or bags and can easily accompany you wherever you are.


These small projectors categorized as pocket projectors in most cases have an inbuilt battery which makes them independent from a power source so you can use them even in the outdoors. Take them with you on a picnic or a camping trip and you don’t have to bother about finding an electric socket. The projectors have versatile connectivity so you can connect all common gadgets – with some projectors even wirelessly. Some offer a USB and SD slot so you don’t need to connect a device but can read directly from the storage media or even the internal memory within the projector thanks to the embedded media player. Our smart phones are no longer smart but super madly smart, at INNOVATIVE, 99% of the market smart phones shows great compability be it wired or wireless. Forget about Android built-in feature, it may brick your pocket cinema should Big Brother G decided to unfriend anyone. Our pocket cinema are designed for the future with OS by pass dual system, even android down, we will be right up in 5 secs!