The Projector Trade In Promo

Trade in TV or Old projectors for a new one

Don’t Toss Away Your Old Projector! Or TV & Display Monitor -
Trade it in to get up to 50% Savings on a new Projector from Innovative. 

Save up to 50% on Innovative Portable Mini Projectors new models by trading in your old projector here at Innovative. 

Confused about what to do with your old projector? It’s too costly to buy a new one at full price if all you need is an upgradeGot a TV or Display Monitor you don’t use? Guess what. You can trade it too! We at Innovative never stops Innovating if it’s for the benefit of our customers. To add, it’s better to get something out of a thing you don’t use anymore, right? 

Offer is limited to first 30 legible customers. Trade In Now! WhatsApp us today.

The most commonly trade in brand are lumos projector as dots do appear after some time due to lack of maintenance , follow by epson projectors where the lamp life has reach its end and also popular tv brands such prism tv, lg tv and samsung tv for space saving planning.

*Terms and Conditions apply